Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Catholic Community

Ushers, Greeters, and Magi

Head Usher: Larry Skummer
Email: Contact the Catholic Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities
Mass Greeters are usually the first persons that arriving members of the congregation and visitors encounter as they enter the front and side entrances to the Chapel Sanctuary. As such, our Ministry welcomes those entering God's House as the Lord would expect us to....with a smile and a greeting to let them know they are welcome here.

As necessary, a copy of the proper Mass Bulletin for the weekend will be given out to those entering the front and side doors. Other relevant and Mass-related items will also be handed out periodically as necessary, such as Mothers' Day Carnations, Fathers' Day gifts, collection envelopes for Charities/Special collections, Music/Hymnals, etc.

Greeters often work in conjunction with Ushers (the two ministries are closely intertwined) and, as needed, as Money Counters. Counters add up the weekly totals from Mass collections on official forms, according to U.S. Army Regulations approved by the Office of the Chief of Chaplains. Counters must be 18 years of age or older to count and sign the forms.

The Magi Ministry is named after those who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newborn Christ Child. At Mass, this ministry performs the function, at the Offertory, of bringing up the wine/hosts that will be used by the Priest(s) during the Eucharist. The money collection will accompany the Gifts in the procession and be brought up by an Usher, Greeter, or assigned Money Collector.

At the end of Mass, an Usher or Greeter will open the rear doors and prop them with the wooden chocks provided.

Collection Counters

Collection Counter Chair - Larry Skummer

At the end of Mass, Collection Counters assist the duty Religious Affairs Specialist with the counting and recording of the Mass offeratory.

If you would like to help at the end of Mass in counting and recording offertory, please contact the Catholic Coordinator